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Fully automated. Cost efficient. Increased absorbency. Herd specific.


The Liquid Mineral dosing system includes a water meter to measure the herds water consumption, two automated dosing pumps to administer the products and an electronic control box. The control box holds information including the herd size, the required feed rates for the products and administers the products according to the water consumption.

The system is designed to overcome the variations in water consumption due to weather fluctuations or diet changes. Unlike a dosatron which doses a set amount per litre of water the LMS system spreads the daily dose over a 24 hour period. The box is designed to alter the rate at which the products are administered depending on the water consumption, ensuring the cows get the required amount of the product every day regardless of how much water is drunk.

The control box has features that allow the farmer to monitor his cows water consumption including a water alarm to alert the user to any large alterations in water consumption that may indicate a leak on the water system. The system also ensures that if there is a leak the products are not wasted. The box will also alert the farmer to any power cuts.


The most basic system is composed of two pumps, one for dosing a liquid blend of trace elements and a second for dosing liquid magnesium. This enables the farmer to flat rate feed the trace elements required, but also give him the flexibility to alter the rate at which liquid magnesium is fed according to the weather and seasonality. The system can accommodate up to 8 pumps allowing the user flexibility to feed a variety of products at different rates should they be required. For more information on our products please click here.



Not only does the LMS system ensure accurate and correct mineral supplementation but you also get 24/7 service from the LMS team. The service includes delivery of products before they run out to ensure 365 days of mineralisation without having to re-order. The system is managed by the LMS team; this involves regular checks to ensure the system is working correctly and products are feeding on target as well as maintenance of the dosing equipment. Should your system fail or you have any mineralisation issues we are on call to provide the support you require.

LMS prefer to work closely with vets, nutritionists, farm and herd managers, to ensure that the minerals being supplemented are correct for individual herds. With the aid of regular analysis including milk samples, blood tests and liver biopsies, as well as on farm feedback, LMS can accurately supplement cows with only the elements they require.