Care of Strawberry Fields Farm, Dorrington,
Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY5 7JU
Tel: 01743 718 258

LMS manufacture Liquid Minerals and Vitamins, whilst specialising in the installation and maintenance of water based mineral systems for cows.


Liquid Mineral Services are a UK based company that manufacture a range of liquid products. The product ranges include liquid mineral mixes containing micro elements and a range of magnesium based products. They also manufacture a product for effective grass management to help try to prevent conditions such as bloat. For more information on products click here.

As well as manufacturing LMS also specialise in the installation and maintenance of automated dosing systems to administer their products into the cows drinking water. For more information on the system click here.


LMS believe in working together with vets, farm and herd managers to ensure the correct supplementation of their cows. Regular analysis and feedback from on farm personnel helps to monitor the mineral levels within the herd and ensure that the system is only feeding the elements required. LMS are able to manufacture bespoke liquid mineral products and create a blend of micro elements specific to the cow's requirements. As the herd's requirements change throughout the season so can their supplementation.